Gridless solves the world’s toughest power problems
with great products.

Our world is changing. Everyday we become more reliant on technology, and everyday the power sources those technologies rely on become less certain. Power infrastructure in the parts of the world that do have it is slowly falling into disarray. In other parts of the world almost everyone has a cellphone, but access to power is almost non-existent. We’re all at the mercy of increasing dramatic weather events that can drop even a healthy grid without warning.

Gridless focuses on solving the hard problems that this power volatility presents. How do business and the government, which are entirely dependent on power,  continue to function when the grid is down or unavailable? How do they provide the critical services? How do they protect their citizens? What else can they do to make a bad situation better? How can they operate more efficiently facing limited resources? Our products help answer these questions.

The inspiration for Gridless Power first came about on Engine One Vineyards, Halpern’s family vineyard, over a decade ago. Despite the economic benefit, Engine One Vineyards wasn’t able to install solar panels because the permanence of a fixed solar installation would destroy good land. Several years later while at UPenn, Halpern began working on a portable solar device that would address the problems his family had with traditional panels. Over the summer, he brought the idea to co-founder and lifelong friend Patrick Murphy, and Gridless Power was born.

In 2011, Gridless received the Edison Innovation Clean Energy R&D grant and developed its technology platform. Initially, the team focused on the development of new solar innovations, but they quickly realized that there was more room for innovation in the battery and control system that was so integral in making portable energy a viable option.

In 2012, Gridless got the call to help when its neighbors in New Jersey were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The company packed all of its prototypes, old and new, big and small, into a truck and headed to shore. For a month the units were deployed in Seaside Heights, and up and down the coast. The Gridless units provided critical power to responders who found a quick mission turn into a long term deployment in an area with little to no functioning infrastructure.

The team spent 2013 applying the valuable lessons learned on the ground during Sandy to our create the CORE. Today the Company is in the middle of the successful launch of the CORE, and has several new products in development for next year.

Gridless began as an idea to harvest the sun in a new way on the farm. It’s evolved into a way to bring accessible, intelligent power to remote locations and disaster scenarios, and this is just the beginning.